Master Daniel Jolly

Joo Im Kwahn Jahng Nim (6th Degree)
Owner / Instructor

Master Jolly began formal martial arts training at the age of 8 in Tae Kwon Do Mo Duk Kwan under Master Albert Cheeks. He earned his first black belt at age 16. From 1974 to 1977 he competed in the northeast region of the United States and became a nationally ranked fighting champion. In 1978 Master Jolly enlisted in the United States Air Force and joined their martial arts team. Anchoring the team; they won the Inter-service Championship that year. He had also been training under Manuel Arcos in the art of Ka Ju Kenpo earning his black belt in 1979. Two years later he would earn the rank of Master in Tae Kwon Do. In 1981 Master Jolly had become recognized as an Outstanding Fighter of Team Championships and went on to lead William Kim’s Tae Kwon Do team to first place in the Northern California Open Team Championships

In 1982, Master Jolly became attracted to the beautiful martial art of Kuk Sool Won and began formal training under Mr. Larry White. After transferring to the Philippines in 1984, he became the only Armed Forces member to win the Pacific Armed Forces Championships three years in a row. Then in 1986, despite multiple injuries sustained in combat, Master Jolly won the Knockout Championships in Manila, which included 13 knockouts out of 17 fights in only three days. In 1988 he returned to his formal Kuk Sool Won training under Chief Master In Joo Suh. Chief Master refined his techniques and mentored him extensively on his professionalism.
In 1993 the military transferred Master Jolly to Germany where he became a sought after instructor and he opened Kuk Sool Won™ of Ramstein Air Force Base, under the direction of Chief Master In Joo Suh and permission of Grand Master In Hyuk Suh. Because of his prowess in unarmed combat and his practical applications on self-defense he was also asked to train Military Police units and other Special Military groups in Germany. His school flourished to well over 200 students while maintaining a waiting list of 300.
In 1995 he returned from Germany and was appointed the head instructor for Chief Master Suh for 8 years. As head instructor, he trained and mentored many outstanding champions. He received the rank of Master of Kuk Sool Won in 2006 and continues his martial arts maturation under Grand Master In Hyuk Suh. He also continually receives mentorship from Senior Master Barry Harmon and Master Alex Suh whose work ethic and sincerity have made a tremendous impression.

A Trained Instructor, Master Jolly has always been one for commitment. He committed to martial arts as a child and has been a practitioner ever since. He also committed himself to the military serving 29 years in the United States Air Force and retiring as a Chief Master Sergeant. During his military years he served as a Certified Fitness Trainer for the Army, Supervisor of the Orthopedics Apprentice Course, and earned a degree in Instruction of Applied Technology.

In his spare time, Master Jolly enjoys writing poetry, watching theater, and outdoor meditation.